Eden Fornoff

Let's meet Eden Fornoff, a rising star in the world of disc golf. PDGA number 162735, Eden turned pro in 2021 and has been making her presence felt ever since. Notably, she has earned an impressive career total of over $2500 in prize money, showcasing her skill and determination on the course. Eden's talent has caught the attention of esteemed sponsors like Discraft Underground and Core Disc Golf, who proudly support her as she continues to make her mark in the disc golf community.

Alexis Kerman

Introducing Alexis Kerman, a passionate disc golfer who has been making waves in the sport. PDGA number 142354, Alexis has been on a remarkable journey, traveling across the country to participate in DGPT events. Since 2020, she has showcased her exceptional skills and determination, securing over 30 victories along the way. Sponsored by Discraft Underground and being a Ledgestone Ambassador, Alexis continues to excel in her disc golf career, leaving a lasting mark on the sport with her impressive performances.

Connor Leaman

Meet Connor Leaman, an extraordinary young disc golfer who is making a significant impact in the sport. PDGA number 224626, Connor has already achieved remarkable success since 2022, securing an impressive five victories. What sets Connor apart is his ability to outperform competitors twice his age. Despite his youth, Connor's skill, determination, and strategic approach have allowed him to consistently triumph over more experienced opponents. Keep an eye on Connor as he continues to defy expectations and leave a lasting impression on the disc golf community.

Zach Dale

Let's introduce Zach Dale, a talented disc golfer who has proven his mettle on the course. PDGA number 171735, Zach has showcased his skills through impressive performances. With a noteworthy record of 7 victories, he has consistently demonstrated his dedication and passion for the sport. Zach's exceptional talent has earned him a coveted invite to Nationals, a testament to his hard work and commitment to disc golf excellence.

Emily Dale

Meet Emily Dale, a multi-talented athlete who dominates in disc golf as well as Strongman competitions. PDGA number 171584, Emily has made remarkable strides in her disc golf career. Going pro in 2023, she has already accumulated an impressive record of over 30 victories. Emily's dedication and skill have caught the attention of renowned sponsors such as Discraft Underground, Ledgestone, and UpperPark, who are proud to support her on her disc golf journey.

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